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$1,181.70  Gold  $1,182.70
$15.83  Silver  $15.93
$1,119.00  Platinum  $1,124.00

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$1000 Loan for 90 days your cost $158.50

Have questions? We are here to help turn your valuables into cash quickly and confidentially. Selling or borrowing on personal assets is made simple with our live asset quotes listed above. knowledgable loan advisors are available for free personal asset evaluations today.

Bancless has redefined what it means to be a Pawn Shop in Phoenix Arizona. Entering a Bancless store for the first time is unique, you will experience a modern, inviting and comfortable atmosphere unlike anything you would expect from a pawn shop. Our team is highly trained in personal asset authentication, specification and valuation. Come in today for a personal asset evaluation and discover the value.


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Is your discarded jewelry box actually a hidden goldmine?

We all tend to have a jewelry box where we store blemished and damaged bits and pieces of jewelry, right? Have you ever paused for a second and wondered the true value of your jewelry box? Well, if you have thought that it is worthless, then you my friend are in for a surprise! In this booming jewelry market, damaged and blemished jewelry, especially gold and silver ones, can bring in some nice cash.  Bancless in Phoenix Arizona pays top dollar for you Gold, Silver, loose diamonds and old jewelry.

Convert Jewelry into Fast Cash in Phoenix

The fastest way you can convert your used old jewelry into cold hard cash is by taking it to one of your local pawn shops in Phoenix like Bancless Are you worried about security or your safety? Don’t be! Transactions with pawn shops are safe, reliable and quick. So if you need to turn your fortunes around, what are you waiting for? Take out your jewelry box, dust it off and make a dash to your local pawn shops to get cash for your gold and jewelry. Not a bad way to make some quick buck by selling off things that you thought you would not use again!

The Secret Pawn Shops Do Not Want You to Know

Do you want to learn the one trick that makes pawn shops fork out more cash than they generally would? I bet you do! Well, the trick is to get a gemological report. It might not sound too fancy, but a certified gemological report will enable you get a better price. However, make sure to take a recent gemological report to a pawn shop. Since gold and diamond prices fluctuate from time to time, an out-dated gemological report might not prove to be too useful.

What Common Factors Determine Jewelry Prices?

  1. Raw Materials: Pawn shops are inclined to pay more for jewelries that constitutes of gold, silver and platinum. Are your bits and pieces of useless jewelries made up of the aforementioned materials? Ka-ching!
  2. Weight: This is a no-brainer. The more your jewelry weighs, the more your wallet will bulge when you head out ofa pawn shop after selling off your jewelries
  3.  Size: Just like the weight of the jewelry, the size of the stone is a significant factor in determining how much pawn shops are willing to pay you
Well, there you have it. If you want to make a quick buck and have a discarded jewelry box, you know what to do!

Are you in Phoenix AZ and Need a Loan Right Now?

Quick, affordable and alluring – these are just some of the adjectives to describe fast loans. Do you need a quick buck immediately instead of having to apply for conventional loan with your local bank? If so, then fast loans are just what the doctor ordered!

The Top Place to Get Fast Loans From

Thinking about the top place where you can get access to fast loans in Phoenix? If you haven’t figured it out yet, then it is time to put you out of your misery! For practical and financial reasons, the top place to get fast loans and get a quick financial boost is from pawn shops. Generally,  pawn shops are renowned for their rapid, safe and secure transaction procedures. The best thing about pawn shops are that you will be paid on spot. The only question is, how much money will you walk out with?

How Will I Get Paid? The 5 Steps

  1. Take your item that you want to either pawn or sell to a pawn shop
  2. Provide some type of legal and valid identification documents
  3. The item is determined by pawnbroker to establish its loan value before negotiating loan terms
  4. After coming to an agreement, sign the pawn agreement form and pawn ticket
  5. Get paid!
Making a quick buck is as easy and as simple as that. It is a piece of cake really, don’t you think?
bancless loans
P.S. ave you signed the pawn agreement contract with great satisfaction? Great! Are you unable to pay back the money as per contractual agreement? Not great. If you fail to pay back the loan as per the contractual agreement, the pawnbroker is legally entitled to sell your item. If you need to make a quick buck, pawn shops are your best bet. Are you interested? Contact a Bancless Pawn Shops in Phoenix AZ right away! 602-569-3333
The quality of the materials used and the workmanship which goes into it.

Are You Sitting On More Cash Than You Realize?

Do you have bits and pieces of unused gold stashed in your jewelry box that you never tend to use again? Perhaps you have a broken necklace or a missing earring to complete a pair that you have kept away in your jewelry box? With gold prices skyrocketing, you might just have been literally sitting on a goldmine all this time!  

What Makes Gold So Special?

One beautiful quality of gold is that it can be recycled to heart’s content. This is one recycling that sure pays! It is rather interesting to know that pure gold is immune to rusting and tarnishing and no known acid can dissolve gold. Now, clean the dust off the bits and pieces of gold from your jewelry box and solve your cash flow needs!  Phoenix Pawn Shops are always buying gold and no other pawn shop in Phoenix will give you a better price for your gold than Bancless.  

How Do I Convert Gold To Cash?

  The quickest and simplest way of converting gold to cash is by visiting your local pawn shops in Phoenix like Bancless. Ka-ching! Are you worried about your security or reliability of pawn shops? Don’t be! Transaction processes in gold pawn shops are quick, secure and reliable. Before cashing in your unwanted jewelry, browse through different pawn shops and find out which pawn shop is willing to pay the most amounts of cash.

What Will Happen To The Gold That I Have Cashed In?

There are two most probable scenarios. They are:
  1. 1. The gold will be melt down and used to create new jewelry
  2. 2. The gold will be melt down and reformed into gold bars that will be sold to the highest investors
It’s a win-win situation for both the buyer and the seller (you), isn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Grab you ‘unwanted’ jewelry box and sprint to your local pawn shop!

Selling Gold in Phoenix AZ

Are you planning to sell a gold item or a gold object? You couldn’t have picked a better time for it! The gold market is booming. If you have gold, then making some moeny might just around the corner for you. But beware! There are many snake oil salesmen who will short-change you if you let you guard down. If you have a single piece of gold item or object to sell, you will have one opportunity to turn your fortunes around. Make that one opportunity count with Bancless right here in Phoenix Arizona. Bancless – we don’t just buy your gold, but also a bit of your emotion and sentiment. Are you planning to sell or pawn your gold engagement ring? Maybe even a gold family heirloom? Whatever it is that you are planning to sell, it is sure to have quite a bit of your history, sentiment and emotion attached to it. So you are not only selling or pawning a gold engagement ring or a gold family heirloom, but also quite a bit of your history, sentiment and emotion as well. Do you want that history, sentiment and emotion to be honored and valued? If so, then Bancless may just be the perfect pawn shop for you. We Know What We Are Going Through. When you step foot in Bancless, we know that you seen financially better days and in need of a quick buck. When you come to us to sell or pawn a gold object or a gold item, we know that it is not just a simple transaction for you, but an emotional roller-coaster ride. That is why we not only pay the top price, but also ensure that your transaction experience is a smooth, swift and a comfortable one.

Cash for gold in phoenix
Scrap Gold and other Precious Metals

Why Should You Choose Bancless?

  • We are one of the top pawn shops in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Get paid the best price possible
  • All transaction processes are safe, secured, quick and comfortable
  • We buy anything that has gold in it

Do you want ride out the recession in style? Do you want to turn some of your assets into cash? If so, Bancless may be just turn out to be your new best friend!